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At the beginning of a studying or a working week you have one irritating thought. Yes, it is about long-distance weekends.While drowning in different books, reports, and tests, you are dreaming about them; you are waiting for the free time like for an angel to emerge. Nevertheless, you have already known how to find the proper time for the rest while studying and plan successfully from the previous article. You know that when the weekends come, you will live like never before. Recall some of these “unrepeatable” weekends and how you were sleeping until the afternoon or how you were watching films or playing computer games all day long. Take into consideration that you will be happy only if you live to the fullest.

Stop to postpone the most interesting things in your life and learn how to spend each of your weekends to your advantage!

Begin Your Weekends on Monday

If you think that the author of this article is a bit crazy, maybe, you are right. Anyway, there is no mistake in this subtitle, as one of the most important keys to arrange cool weekends is to plan them at the beginning of the week! You can decide it is boring because it is not for you when you know what to anticipate from your life. Who knows… Alternatively, we advise you not to make such quick decisions and try following this advice. While planning, you find out how to organize your studying and resting time properly. You get the opportunity to highlight those things, which you are interested in, and separate them from the other ones, which just distract you and make you extremely lazy. Usually, there is chaos in our heads, so planning helps us put our inner chaos in order and smarten our thoughts up. In addition to this, in the process of planning try to consider the principles of setting your goals (they are described in the other article of this topic block).

Tomorrow Is Today

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Continuing our crazy author’s idea, let us plunge into the problem of postponing our wishes and goals. The issue is that when you are really busy during the week, you can decide that you do not have the time to plan at all and that you will decide tomorrow how do spend the weekend. Thereby, you wake up on Saturday and realize that there is no “tomorrow” to plan. There is only “today.” Besides, we all have the equal amount of the time, but there is the difference of how we use it as the blogger Anne – Sophie Reinhardt says in her article about how to start living at this very moment.

“Weekends Happen”: Make Them Brilliant

Go Outside and Live, Live Actively!

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That is a day for your rest. How do you imagine it? If you prefer some vigorous activities, try arranging go-out active games with friends or/and relatives. In addition, you can try horse riding, which is not only exciting, but also useful as communication with horses normalizes the emotional health state and, of course, your mood. It could be a really enchanting idea to take part in the weekend activities provided by your city. Usually, they are conducted in many big cities and towns all over the world. For example, it can be a workshop of a particular dance style or a charity marathon dedicated to the ecological problems. It is not a secret that there are such interesting events in cities like group yoga and meditation classes, which are conducted during the warm season in parks, squares, and are usually free of charge. It is an extremely exciting activity as this is “true” yoga when you feel the harmony with the nature and do not cage yourself in four walls.Such activities are universal, and one of the most beautiful advantages of it is that you communicate with many people, exchange your emotions, and spend your time in the heart of your city. It is amazing.Besides, do not forget about such vigorous activities like ice-skating or roller-skating.

In addition to this, there are many festivals of different world cultures, which are different and interesting as you can get to know the different sides of a culture by learning about its traditions, tasting its cuisine, listening to its traditional music etc. Such festivals usually take place at some big art platforms or even in the center of the city.

Relaxing and Cultural Weekends Are at Your Disposal!

Art Exhibition

If you would like to plunge into the atmosphere of cultures and enjoy different arts, visit some visual art exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances or go to the cinema. Here is the moment when you can decide that all of it is boring as it is just so last century. Actually, it is, but there are a lot of ways exist to enrich these activities! Search for some interesting events in your city or town, and you will notice that there are many exciting varieties of common cinema shows, theatre performances, and art exhibitions! Then you will see that even the usual activities can be creative! For example, there are such cinemas that organize open-air shows; This also includes theatre performances. You are likely to be a student, so, maybe, you want to complain that such entertainments are not for you because they can be too expensive. We expected this hesitation, and we rush to tell you that the majority of such events are free of charge or cost little money. It is because different young theater troupes and artists often organize such events, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the art without paying for it. Besides, if you like to go to a concert, you also can do it free as there are many street musicians, which play music instruments and sing in city centers!In addition, you can find the discounts almost for all types of entertainment! Just monitor these unusual and exciting events in social nets or somewhere else on the Internet and get aware of each interesting activity in your city.

Weekends with a Profit: Open Yourself

Have you ever heard about campus activities or some other education events that are free? There are such events during which you can visit interesting and profitable educational lectures, workshops etc. They can be, for instance, about human rights, personal savings, creative writing, goal setting, and so on. In addition to this, there are different speaking discussion clubs, theatre clubs. Who knows, maybe, it would be interesting for you to join some public youth organization and, for example, to help the homeless people and animals, develop educational and cultural initiatives or create innovative reforms for your city! You are welcome to be active, open-minded and happy.

Besides, do not forget about keeping fit. Weekends are the best time to care about yourself, thus, consider this fact too and try instilling the habit of going to a gym on these days and, maybe, visiting a sauna after that (like an award!).

Of course, weekends are the time when it is so easy just to forget about everything, put your troubles aside and sleep, sleep as much as you can! It is so easy to leave your books in a bookcase and watch TV shows all day long, eat junk food and lay in bed as much as only you can. Yes, it is quite easier. However, always remember that your real life begins when you wake up in all the meanings of this word.