If you say to someone that your studying or/and working and other necessary (but dull and boring) duties take up all of your time, you will hardly surprise someone. We are people of today. People rarely keep up with their own lives. Your head is constantly aching, and the Internet is completely filled up with information about self-development and time-management. We know that you are fed up with all this nonsense (as it seems to be sometimes). You can feel exhausted because of the lack of necessary time for resting and the feeling that only you do not realize what to do with the quickly changing world.

The problem of the choice is usually the most controversial in this situation. Sometimes we choose everything at the one moment, and then all of the little choices are running away from us because we cannot be responsible for them all at once. You know, we all have been having rows with the time. What does it mean? Let‘s not believe the not-persuaded opinions, but let us find the solutions.

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This “Cereal” in Your Head

This article is not about cooking and, what is worse, not about agriculture. This part is about the chaotic “cereal” in your head consisting of tangled thoughts. They could consist of everything: not to forget to go for a walk with your dog or, for example, (if it is possible) not to be expelled from the university etcetera. This muddle has been constantly filling your head, so you drown and lose yourself in this disorganized space of uncompleted tasks. In such case, you waste the insidious time trying to find something important in the “stacks” of your brain. That is why you should cope with your inner-head “cereal” to see the clear state of your life and goals. Thus, the main thing that you should start with is to structuralize your curriculum and the list of necessary tasks as much as possible.

Just Like a Nightmare: Psychological Side of “Cleaning up” in Our Life

Is it familiar to you that the only things preventing you from organizing your lifestyle are fear and laziness? There is so much useless stuff in your head and everywhere that no one will be too brave. Anyway, today or tomorrow you will come across the same problem: you have to face your “cereal” and go planning.

Making a Choice: Is It Painful?

Choose This or This

Making a choice is one of the most important parts of all our acts. No matter whether you vote for a candidate of a president or just choose a burger in a café. You make a choice. You can wonder about how it concerns our topic. While planning your schedule, you can choose whether some business is Immediate or not, Short-term or Long-term and whether it is Important for you. These criteria are definite in organizing a structured system of your goals and tasks. You can create a table and insert a structure into your planning in such way. Divide your wishes and goals approximately in such way using these points:

  1. Short-term | Urgent | Important
  2. Short-term | Not urgent | Important
  3. Long-term | Urgent | Important
  4. Long-term | Not Urgent | Important

Look at your table and think out about what categories your goals fit best. For example, you want to study Italian, and it is important, taking some time, but it is not an urgent wish. In such case, you can write it in the forth column. On the other hand, if you need to buy a laptop, you can set this wish in the first column.

You can ask now where to write such tasks that you hate? For example, you need to write a college essay or prepare for an exam. Of course, it is urgent and important, but these tasks will hardly interest you. It is quite normal that some tasks can relate to some must-do category. They can be important for us, or we can be reluctant to do them for someone or something. In this case, it would be a bad idea to mix such tasks with that which you really like. Try to separate them into other columns. For example, they can have a look: Short-term and Long-term must-do affairs. It is important to separate such things from those, which are your true wishes for you to see the clear picture of the tasks you are interested in the others, which you are reluctant to do.

Making Schedule

Having projected your table, you can regularly choose what to do now, urgently and what you can do a bit later. Using it, you will be able to plan your studying, working and leisure time efficiently. The best way to use such list correctly is to do a few (1-3) tasks a day from columns 1 and 2 and to consider the tasks from the other columns 3 and 4, in order to work regularly towards the goals, set in them.

You should pay special attention to your must-do list. It is a good idea to try to make 1-2 points of these lists a day if it is possible. On the other hand, it is unnecessary to concentrate only on these must-do categories because anyway the most important things are those, which you like and enjoy.

One more interesting category you may create is an outlook of your development for 5 or/and 10 years. Thus, you can write in this category what you want to achieve up to this time.

Making a System: Studying and Resting

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As the Bible says, “there is an appropriate time for everything.” No, this article is not about the Bible and Ecclesiastes. This is only about you. And about everybody of us. Moreover, get the tips how to take a study break.

When you manage to plan your tasks and discern your likable goals from those you are reluctant to do, you can really manage your life. In addition to it, remember that there is the appropriate time for each activity during your day. That is why, you should consider it and perform the necessary activities according to your biorhythm and the best time fitting to those activities. Try to find the best periods for particular activities when you are going to them. If you manage to do it well, you can even find time to make some money that you can read in the previous article.

Moreover, remember that you are not semi-finished food so that you do not have to prepare yourself to do some special points of your aim-list. Sometimes it happens, of course, that you have to get some preparation for particular activities, but usually, it seems to be simple postponing your tasks. This problem can completely spoil your diligent planning, so you should fight with your laziness, phlegmatic character (if it regards you) and this horrible habit to put the most interesting things in your life aside.

What About Adventures?

Of course, you can think that planning can fully damage the unexpected sides of your life. You are young; you are brave and desire the adventures! We know it. No, actually, it is a superstition. Such planning just can help you “clean up” your head, thoughts, and soul. This is the main aim of it. Organized planning of your lifestyle will become a basis for you. As for spontaneous decisions and a bit foolish things, this exciting part of your life will be as alive as before. Believe us!