It may seem quite simple to write about your hometown, but the trick is that only the person who loves it can do it well. A pupil/student who does not treasure some nice memories from childhood about their town just will not be able to capture the atmosphere and present it in a pleasant way only by means of words. 26 letters, imagination, and love – this is how the great works are being created.

All right, to be more realistic some writing skills are needed as well because it is harder to make an impression without personal presence. What does it mean? Well, imagine a person reading out loud his/her essay with pauses, emphasis, maybe some gestures or sometimes the very tone of the voice helps to deliver the speech. And when the teacher reads an essay, he/she only visual associations and sincerity. Do you see the difference?

Student Report Audience

So, while reading this article you will find general and specific recommendations on how to make an essay about your hometown more than pretty in a masterly way.

How Should I Start?

Due to the fact that this type of an essay is called descriptive, it would be suitable to start with a nice description of your town, slightly poetical, if it is possible. Easier said than done? Not exactly, just do not use “accumulative system” – do not apply a new adjective every time you mention some object. Poetical in this context means bright, that brings positive emotions and evokes some enjoyable memories.

If you feel like this pattern is not yours try this one, let us call it “historical.”

Come to think of it, some historical facts can be used too, but only to impress or reveal some thought. Overloading reader with boring information will not do you any good, so, try to slightly change the focus and find some epic (heroic) stories or even mysterious stories related to your town. Then your essay may seem as doing puzzles – you list interesting facts one by one, commenting on them (building so-called linking bridges) or tell an exciting legend using a simplified technique of suspense.

Old Photo Town

If you fail to use these variants, please, think of the next method (let it be named as “through ages”). The trick of this one is that you pick up a few memories connected with the hometown. It can be anything: a great fair, photoset in ancient streets, walk along the coast, wandering with friends, exploring new places. Then you describe each of them according to your vision of citizens, atmosphere, appearance/looks of town and so on. You line it up in such a way that your childish emotions and joys evolve into more mature thoughts.


Depending on the circumstances, your essay may be modified by the following list of recommendations:

  • Add “must do” things and “must see” places – if your essay equals presenting a town, then mention all the aspects needed as if you wrote for a tourist.
  • If your essay should look like report, state some geographical facts about your hometown (where it is situated, what climate is all about and other) and some statistical facts (population, quantity of educational institutions, memorials, etc.)
  • Also, you may touch such an important topic as pollution with all that exhaust fumes, traffic jams, crowds of people and so on. Though, you should write this only to point out that your town is not like this at all in comparison with the nearest big town (or vice versa – expose the truth, bombarding people’s mind with dreadful facts).

Pollution in Town

Aim: Fall in Love with Your Town

In general, if you write an essay about the hometown and want other people to admire it as much as you do then you should definitely use the describing technique which involves all senses. It means that you have to enrich your narration with associations and metaphors that give visual and sound effects, provoke to remember smells and tactile senses.

It is easy, really. Watch this: “Our Museum of Art looks like a vehicle for an alien invasion, with its smooth, asymmetric bowl-like curves.” “The front of the Central Library building makes me want to run my hands on the cold concrete and touch the rough plaster. Just think how many important meetings were held here by the city councilor…” “Our central square is believed to be liveliest and most bohemian area, with its old-fashioned houses, gurgling cappuccino machines, cobbled river side it has become a favorite meeting place for all the citizens…”

Pretty Central Square

Come up with catchy phrases like “historic delights,” “offers a journey through history,” “looks like it has been revitalized” and so on! By the way, absolutely in every town there are unique nicknames for specific objects or just distinctive names for usual things. Remember all of them, this will for sure draw attention and will probably give a smile for a reader.

As Easy as ABC

No special effects are needed if a person knows for what she/he loves the hometown. Hence, all you need is just to write down all the things that make you adore the place where you have been born or spent most of your life.

Write how you feel when you start to reminisce about the places you care so much. Try to answer the questions like what is so special about my hometown, what in this city makes me smile, why people should go here, what makes me proud of it the most.

Wish you all luck and inspiration!