Prosperous Director

You have just graduated from the university. All you need in this life are money, shelter, and food. Sounds rather pragmatic, but it is true. Happiness and satisfaction will come after you will make a fortune. What should you do? How can you get a well-paid job? Once I have read the essay, where the author told that it is unnecessary to work. He was sure that it is not the best idea, and I was shocked. He explained that if you are smart enough you will never become someone’s employee but will make everyone work for you. Here are some facts that will prove that you should not look for the job and visit interviews.

Foolish Income

It may sound rather convenient – to work for someone and get money for that. However, it is a false belief. You are wasting your time, making someone’s business more efficient. We believe that it is possible to get money only spending 12 hours in the office or restaurant, driving the car or teaching students. No one cares how many hours you work. The result is the only thing that matters. If there is the benefit from your work, you are a good laborer. You may start as the subordinate, but as soon as you realize that they make a fool of you – leave and create your own system!

Limited Experience

The second mistake everyone makes is the belief that you need the job to get more experience. You get experience through the lifetime. You are learning from your own mistakes, no matter if you are working or not. Any occupation just improves some skills in the peculiar field, but it never makes you more experienced. You get knowledge observing the whole world, but not a part of it. If you are constantly working, you just do the same actions every day. There is no personal development, because you have already reached the top. The job is killing your personality.

Eternal Dominion

Class Inequality

Your boss is your God, your king, and executioner at the same time. If you work for someone for a long time, you become his/her domestic pet. You are captured in the cage. There is no escape if you do not stop it. People should not be caged. We have a feeling of freedom and a power of voice. So take this advantage and say “No!”

You Finance Strangers

Your salary is burdened with taxes. Nearly half of it you give to the government and the country. According to the tax system, your employer should give half of those finances just like you do. However, modern labor market tries to shift all those expenses on you. Your office, premium pay, the bonus will come to you half-smaller. That is the most significant reason to leave your job. The longer you work for the system, the more money you should pay.

Risky Business

We all think that the company can protect us from any troubles. The truth is that the company only causes these troubles. The smallest blunder – and you are fired. Any misbehave – you are fired. Now it does not look so safe. You totally depend on other people. There will be no success without control, and the employees do not have it at all.

Angry Boss

Shouting Boss

Everyone at least once in a lifetime has scolded his employer. He is always angry, dissatisfied and heartless. He is killing your mind and health. We were all born equal, and you must not listen to this entire grudge. It is impossible to work side by side with the asinine leader.

Prestigious Pauper

“Can I get the promotion?”; “Can you please raise my salary?” Familiar situation? Every time you want to get respect and reward for your efforts and pains, you hear the single word “No!” Nevertheless, if it happens that the almighty boss presents you $150 per three years you have to be his gofer for the next ten years. Humiliation is not worth that money.


Employees always blame. They have millions of problems and challenges, but do not solve them. It is better to blame and leave it all the rest. You will never be able to live the happy life until you give up this stupid job.

This writing is a little bit provoking and harsh, but it will sure encourage you to start a new life. If you are afraid to call your boss an idiot, you are afraid to live a full-value life. Become your own possessor and believe in yourself.