In case you live in a big city, you know and feel these things very well, you may deal with them almost every day: advanced technologies, tons of coffee, lack of sleep, studying and working under the constant pressure, many gadgets and a few trees in the whole city. Yes, there are many advantages concerning living in a city, but you know it well: spending all of your time in the urban space is not enough to satisfy all your physical and mental needs. No matter how much pros there are to be in the heart of city life, there is a primal need to stay in constant contact with nature, as it is one of the most important components that help us be healthy and fully realize our life targets. It may sometimes seem that you are too far from all of this. You may seem to be isolated from this important connection. Alternatively, you may even underestimate the importance of it and think that it would be too boring to have the rest in the countryside instead of going to the cinema ora some cafe… Anyway, let us break the stereotypes and find out the ways to set this connection and have a brilliant rest outside in the countryside! May all hesitations leave you when you read this article!

Shopping Mall or Park: Challenge Accepted

Difficult Choice

You may think that it is quite a difficult choice. A hundred of your friends are going to a pub or a nightclub this Friday, and even your grandma is a bit frightened by the fact that you are going to some forest for a walk instead of sitting in a pub or a cafe and drinking beer or coffee. Actually, people can ask you what has happened to you and why you are behaving in such a strange way. By the way, it is an understandable reaction, as modern people usually prefer the rest which may consist of walking in a shopping mall, window-shopping, taking approximately a million odd photos, sitting in a cafe (when you may even not speak with your friend, but read the news in a social network). Nevertheless, isn’t it great to put this usual way of spending your free time aside and try something amazing? For example, what about going to a park or a forest and organize some unusual leisure for you and your friends? Besides, why even not to own a house in the countryside? Think about it while reading this interesting blog.

Say “No” to the Boring Sitting on the Bench: Whatever Season It May Be

The only way to stop sitting the bench, for example, is to enrich your plans for free time plan. Here are several ways to do it! Besides, it will be easier for you after reading this article.

Autumn Is Waiting…

Person Throwing Leaves

Autumn can be such time when you are usually constantly tired. This strange weather seems to be killing you. From the other side, even when it is a bit cold, it is possible to find interesting and creative activities outdoors. For example, what about attending some exciting festival of east culture (or dedicated to some other subject) where there is usually a concert, a food court location, different zones for entertainment and education. Isn’t is a great idea? Usually, many festivals are conducted in this period as people want to get fun before it is getting colder.

If you have the opportunity to go to a forest, catch this opportunity to go and go after a rainfall to pick up mushrooms with your relatives and friends. It is really exciting because you can also spend a great time with closest people, walk and organize a picnic. However, do not forget to be careful with mushrooms, do not pick up the mushrooms which you do not recognize as safe ones. Besides, your relatives can help with it, so do not go alone.

Winter Is a Period of Wonders…

Person Making a Snowman

…but how much time you may waste your time just sitting at home and watching TV or playing computer games! Of course, it is not the time when you can walk outdoors all day long, but it does not mean that you have to imprison yourself in four walls.

Do you remember those charming games that children play in the winter? Believe us that they are quite better than the constant boring sitting glued to the screen. Go out from the university building and try arranging a big student battle on the break instead of surfing the Internet at home! It can be even a bigger battle between several universities. It depends on your wish and readiness to organize the events of such kind.

Spring Is Singing, Summer Is Dancing!

A charming period of spring is also capricious, as it is not warm enough, but may it not hinder you to spend the time outdoors. Maybe, it is the time when you need to discover new things about yourself and the place where you live. For example, you can arrange for you and your friend some bicycle ride over the city with some fixed stops near interesting places. It can even be a bicycle quest, why not? Thus, keep fit, enjoy cycling, spend time with a dear fellow traveler and discover new places and beautiful unexpected details in your city, which you seem to know well (on the first sight)! Doesn’t it seem to you that using a car is not so exciting?

If it is a warm season, why not to forget for some time about your favorite in-four-walls gym and go in for sports in the park? Take your friends and arrange group sport sessions outside or even something like an Olympiad! It can consist of running, some exercises, stretching, and even active ball games such as basketball or volleyball. Also if you want, you can add some yoga and meditation for relaxation. Everybody can try to become a trainer!

By the way, going in for sports is not the one activity which you can do outdoors. One more important part of our life is getting knowledge. No, it will not be a dull story about how much you have to study and not to think about fun! Education can be really interesting, see it for yourself, as your close people – relatives and friends – have different interesting knowledge and skills! It would be a brilliant idea to organize a party in a park or near a lake in such way that you will have a picnic, play interesting games, listen to music and enjoy something like an “opened university.” Imagine that everyone who wants can lead a workshop, tell an interesting story or share own knowledge. Thus, your rest will be both interesting and fruitful! You can get great communication and get a wider outlook about the nature at the same moment!

Also it could be interesting for you to try horse riding. You can do it in any warm season, and we can bet that you will enjoy it a lot!

Nevertheless, it happens that you are alone at times and no one can share your free time with you. Do not panic or get disappointed about it because often we do not notice some important details when we are with someone or in a group of people. It can turn out to be a great time for you walking, reading book and so on. Boldly come out and live!