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Lets Talk Publishing

So I see in a few groups I belong to, people talking about their publishing options and what theyre going to do when they finish their book. What are your thoughts on the publishing industry today? There is traditional publishing…. Continue Reading →

Straight From the Heart by Breigh Forstner ~*Guest Post*~

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART By BREIGH FORSTNER AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW! ‘MUSIC WAS IN HIS BLOOD, AND SHE WAS IN HIS HEART…..’   SYNOPSIS Cale Pelton didn’t want to fall in love. Fresh off a breakup, he was scrambling to… Continue Reading →

Through Life and Death (One Hell of a Romance Prequel)

Amazon   In Jennifer Felton’s debut, the reader is plunged into the paranormal world, circa 1885 England, in this compelling prequel to her new adult A Hell of a Romance Series.   Meet the most powerful and feared family in

Through Love and Hate (One Hell of a Romance Companion)

Amazon What happens when the life youve taken for granted disappears in the blink of an eye?   Thats what Megan Williamson wants to know now that her best friend, Anya Spanzer, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Theyve been

The Churning by Justin Edison ~*Guest Post*~

BLOG TOUR THE CHURNING By Justin Edison AVAILABLE ON AMAZON NOW! Synopsis In Justin Edison’s second novel, Persian-American soccer star Arman Hessabi wakes in chains in a house of enemies. Driven in part by an abusive older brother, the hero… Continue Reading →

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