Modern Literature

The trends that appear in a contemporary literature are alarming. From the information flow of today’s pop culture you can get an idea of the illusory optimism of our creative selves. However, the situation is radically opposite to what we are trying to represent with the current “formal culture”. The situation can be considered nothing but crisis.

Basing on this idea, you can discuss the following theses. Our culture and our social reality are interconnected, and we cannot claim that their influence is very limited. Not only art and literature determine consciousness, but consciousness forms them. We, the people of the 21st century, have the opportunity to observe and to use a single concept with a fanatical adherence. We tried to highlight what exactly shocks and worries us. Such intellectual issue of modern times may become topical for both youth and adults.

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Merge the Past

The quality of modern literature, the literature of the 21st century, is poor. Modern publishers prefer to republish works “of past years” – everything from folk tales to those works that were written in ancient times. In the return to the classics emerges another problem of today’s literature: the problem of writing a contemporary book that is really worth reading.

Of course, there are many advantages in re-editing the classics: people need to return to the best works of the most talented writers, who for various reasons have been forgotten, whose works have not been reprinted for a very long time. The literary taste of the modern reader needs them. However, many outdated texts may change the ideology of modern living. The problem is the absence of a proper fingerprint of our epoch. The future generation will form an appropriate historical and cultural image only if we represent it in our literature.

What Is Literature?

Modern Books

The issue of systemic changes is the one of the most fundamental theoretical concepts of literature to which too much attention is paid. But we must firmly and clearly define that periodization is auxiliary, but not a foundation of theoretical understanding. So, the issue of the canon creates some contradictions. What is literature? Who and what belongs to it? These questions echo in the effort to find the “essence” of literature. Currently, literary workers and their writings are very difficult to periodize.

Conflicts in Literature

Conflicting processes that are observed in literature and art will help to realize which direction of the development should be chosen. World literature has recently returned to the forgotten and forbidden names. On the bookshelves, we see the works of writers of the diaspora. Aesthetic experience can bring us new sides of life in different corners of the world. High politicization of society is definitely a sign of modernity. Painful problems of today are reviewed. We see the reconsideration and reassessment of prevailing views recently; search for new ideals and guidance, language policy; environmental problems and so on. Subjects of journalistic works are considered by most influential writers in the community. The formation of scientific potential significantly affects the development of the literary process.

Unreliable Sources

 Reading Girl

Many scientists and writers begin their way in periodicals. Now a lot of magazines disappear as quickly as they appear. This is due to the commercial aspect of publishing. The authors also communicate with magazines-of-one-day, which is really dangerous and unprofitable – the risk to see their creations under the name of a completely unknown person is very high. Studies show that children and adolescents today are guided by “fashionable” products in their environment. The number of misguided people increased, particularly children and adolescents that search in periodicals for pictures that carry the information easy to understand. It is not so much educational content but entertaining.

Buy or Sell

The commercialization of the book market differently affected the production of reading. Every house has a library. However, when was the last time you filled it up with new books? Development of a market economy has led to a number of critical processes. The most basic problem of modern literature is the commercial side of so-called “creativity.”

Again, unlimited plagiarism, piracy, greed and laziness of people do not contribute to epic literature. Literature is benevolent, and modernity usually makes an opposite of it, using unnecessary rules. Moreover, buying a book, we do not have a guarantee that it definitely will be read. Sometimes we barely have time for ourselves, so how to find time just to sit and read? Producing the interesting materials for readers and only readers might make people think. Reading ‘must-have’ books will become a positive trend and change for the society.

How Do We Value It?

The value of literature has been lost because of the wide range of proposed books of different genres and too little demand because of high prices for books, obsolescence of the printed version. Publishers need to spend money on advertising, annotation and interesting titles. People with a high level of self-determination often write whatever they feel and proclaim this as the truth, when in fact only a part of society can truly relate to it. For many authors of literary works, it is not a spiritual outlet, but only a consequence, an exit of their mental work and outlook.

A dozen of masters, who have the highest responsibility to fulfill the mission of revival of literature, both in building vocabulary and conceptual sense, would be enough to create a strong image of what we see and have today. Literature should excite, encourage, urge, and enrich. It should not be something ordinary and outdated. Truth has no expiration date. We think because we have what we define as spirituality given to us by the so-called high literature.