The world history is full of trickery and mockeries of the fate. Every day of society is always defined and restricted by the rules that exist in it. Let us ask ourselves how so many inventions could be made if they and their inventors always had to face the skepticism and the rude disagreement of the society? It is quite a strange phenomenon, but we will not think out about this because there is a more interesting thing. Many inventions were made because of a mistake or by chance. Thus, due to the mistakes of their inventors, we have got the things which nowadays are considered to be the common part of our life. Just think out what it would be if once these famous people had not made their mistakes, which were so horrible for them at the first moment? As we can see, flop sometimes can give a push to something new and undiscovered, can even rescue us and the whole world. Strange? Let us find out more about this!

“Coca-Cola”: Can It Cure?

The company which is considered to be one of the most successful in the world. Millions of people do not realize their life without this great delicious drink. By the way, not so many people think out about the originality of “Coca-Cola.” Invented in 1886 by the doctor and a pharmacist John Pemberton, it was not a usual drink like a juice or tea. John Pemberton decided to create a drink which could help people with a toothache, fatigue, and stress. He thought this syrup had a quite delicious taste, and he brought it to one of the biggest drugstores of Atlanta. Several portions of this syrup were sold on that day and cost 5 cents per one glass. Nevertheless, traditional “Coca-Coca” appeared a bit later due to a mistake of a seller. Once adding the water to the syrup, a seller accidentally added the sparkling water from the other tap instead of the usual water. In such a way, it was the beginning of “Coca-Cola” that we know today. During the first year, it was not so popular, and John Pemberton spent more money on the advertising of his drink rather than he earned due to it. Nevertheless, nowadays “Coca-Cola” is famous in more than 200 countries and is considered to be one of the favorite drinks in the world.

Cool Soft Drink

The Story of Microwave Oven

When you are in a hurry and want to heat up your breakfast, this thing is always at your service! When you are lazy and do not want to cook, it helps or even rescues your life! Doesn’t it? As it appears, the microwave oven was created because of… researches in the sphere of military production! Frankly speaking, we are a bit hurrying with our storytelling, but keep calm and listen attentively. We are starting from the beginning.

It was a Percy Spencer and his great imagination. He worked at one of the biggest companies of military production complex Raytheon and made more than 210 patents for invents. His life was connected with a sphere of military invents, and before the end of Second World War, Percy Spencer was doing the research for improving the quality of radars. At the one beautiful moment, he crossed the way in the front of working oscillator and noticed that a chocolate bar melted in his pocket. This was the beginning for the researches that helped him create the microwave oven. The first one had the weight 400 kilograms and was used on the ships, restaurants and in the planes. What an amazing and unexpected life, dear friends, if precisely.

Supermarket Cart: With or Without You

When you are suffering from the lack of shopping, nothing can stop you, we know. You come to a supermarket and understand that this tiny basket will never be able to place all you want. You take a huge cart, and the entertaining begins…

His name is Sylvan Goldman, and in 1836, he invented the supermarket cart. He was a seller and owned a big grocery store in Oklahoma. Once Sylvan noticed that some visitors did not want to buy some goods because they were too heavy for them. It was not difficult as he once saw that one woman put her goods on a little toy car, which her son was pulling with the rope. Amazed by this discovery, he began to work on creating a special cart for goods. After some time, he created a prototype for the modern cart. They began to be widely sold in 1947. Due to this invention, nowadays we have supermarkets and can buy more than we can carry at all. The main thing now is not to fall into temptation too deeply.

Mocking Potato Chips?

It can mean to be silly, but it is really so, the story of the potato chips is like trickery. Let us introduce George Crum – a hotel chief. He was a brilliant cook and considered to be a magician because he could easily transform some usual products into a restaurant masterpiece. Everything was going well, but once in 1853, some cranky visitor came to his restaurant and complained about the quality of fried potatoes. That guest said his potatoes were too raw, thick, and not salty enough, he demanded to cook for him again. George Crum was annoyed and wanted to take revenge. He made almost paper-thin slices, fried them too much and over-salted his dish, but the plan failed. The guest liked a new dish so much that asked to bring a new portion. Later, George Crum opened his own restaurant, and potato chips became famous all over the world. What a strange world, a wish of revenge caused the creation of the divinely delicious dish.

Smiling Chef

As you see, sometimes we can create something amazing and really needed. Even famous people often make rough mistakes, but then go to real success. Besides, you can read about it in the previous article. There are many inventions like these ones, which changed people’s life, and you can read about them more here. When we blame ourselves for our mistakes, is not it a better way to think how it can change our life to a positive side? Who knows, maybe, due to them you will become the next world-famous inventor.