The time, the history, a decision. These components always were connected with each other. The decisions of people always dominated in the changing history and the whole world – would it be willingly or not – had to take these decisions or to fight with them. The life of all humankind is always concentrated in the hands of politicians, researchers, economists, scholars, military structures, and so on. Thus, we live our everyday lives and often do not pay attention to the fact that our life can be dependent on a decision of one person or several ones in some period of the time. Maybe, even now somewhere an important choice which can change our lives is being made. As well as it is possible that the people that are in “high structures” and can define the directions of society development can make mistakes. It is not a reason to sink into depression, and we will not, but it is the time to find out more interesting facts about the most famous mistakes in the history of humankind. If we know, remember and analyze them, we can use such mistakes for own profit and never make them come true again. Let us go!

Christopher Columbus: Expectations and Reality

Maybe, if the history had happened in other way, Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus would have been famous as a person who found the way to India and Asia. The life was more sophisticated and unexpected than Christopher thought, and it brought him many surprises. A dream of this man was to get the shores of India through the Atlantic Ocean, but many people considered it was quite a mad idea. Besides, Council of Portuguese scientists, having analyzed this opportunity, decided it was unreal. Christopher Columbus was extremely disappointed and came to Spain with a hope that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella would help him release his idea. Fortunately, they agreed to help, and there were some important points for Christopher to consider. From the one side, in the case his expedition was successful, he would become a viceroy of the new-opened land and would get the rank of an admiral and a lot of wealth. From the other side, there was a danger he could get nothing from the expedition if it was not successful, even no compensation for the time and efforts he would spend.

For this trip the king and queen gave three ships “Santa Maria”, “Pinta” and “Ninia”, and on the 3rd of August, they came into the sea with the crew of 90 people. The famous journey was lasting approximately two months, and the people were too tired and exhausted by such a long trip, they wanted to go home. At the great length, sailors saw the land after 69 days of their sailing. The first piece of land that sailors saw was an island, which they named the island of St. Savior – “San Salvador”. They were sure it was the shore of India. There was put a Spanish flag, and this land was declared the property of Spanish king. Thus, the 12th of October has become a day of opening America. Actually, Christopher Columbus considered during all his life that he had opened the west way to India. Thus, America has been opened by a faulty navigation of the Christopher Columbus’s team.

Discovering America

Great Flops of Winter War (1939-1940)

Studying the history of the Second World War, we realize more and more that there were so many mistakes which we could learn from. This war was within other events on the very beginning of the Second World War, and we are going to find out more interesting facts about it.

Relations between the Soviet Union and Finland were too complicated and strained on the beginning of the Second World War. The matter is that this Winter War is considered to be a part of the Second World War because Finland was the “sphere of interest” of the Soviet Union like Baltic countries and Poland. As we know, the spheres of interest were divided by Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939. Long before this time, in 1808-1809, there was a Russo-Swedish War, and Finland was annexed and joined to the Soviet Union for the first time. A bit after that, Finland declared its independence in 1917, but Joseph Stalin could not “bear” this country and did not admit its independence. That is why he used the first opportunity to annex Finland just when he got it.


The most interesting in this story is that usually the generals and the military high command were considered to be successful in the world, but Winter War showed that it was not absolutely true and that the Soviet Union was not ready enough for the warfare and underestimated their enemy. The quantity of armament and people of Finland were less almost for a half than the arming of the Soviet Union. Thus, the chances of Finland to win were quite less, and consequently, they did not win, but the Soviet Union lost an enormous and shocking number of soldiers and armament. For example, there were from 422 to 722 thousands of Soviet soldiers killed, injured, captured and frozen. Approximately 3 000 of them were captured, 17 000 disappeared without a trace. At the same time, approximately 23 000 of Finnish soldiers were killed, or they died from the injuries, 50 000 were injured or disappeared without a trance, and 900 soldiers were captured. The Soviet army had lost 40% of its combat reserve. The reason was clear and understandable. The Soviet soldiers had dark clothes, and it was easy to see them on the white snow. These clothes were not warm enough, and the soldiers constantly suffered from the coldness and the lack of hot food. In addition, they often were reluctant to sleep on the cold ground. Thus, many soldiers were frozen and died even not because of the injuries but from the frostbite. On the contrary, Finnish command had a good strategy and was able to provide the soldiers with all necessary things. Besides, they were accustomed to the strong weather. More about this you are welcome to read here!

As a result, after this bloodshed, Joseph Stalin said to his generals that it had not been the victory if they had drowned the enemy in their own blood. Besides, many scholars considered that this war could become the evidence for Hitler that the Soviet Union command was weak and not organized. It is one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the world.

There were too many tremendous mistakes in the humankind history. Some of them have become world inventions, but others have become the tragedy of the world, and the most important task is not to repeat them.