Old Friends

After finishing school, the time comes when you have to pick up the university of your dream, pass the exams and, in some cases, say goodbye to your hometown, old friends, and dear parents. It’s natural because a teenager has to choose the path that, ideally, should lead him/her to the right people and places.

There is a tendency to think that if you move out of your native town or even country, you are going to lose your old friends due to the huge distance (and all that comes out of it) between you, but this is total misconception! Yes, relationships will become more complicated. Tremendous efforts should be made as well if you want to save your connection and do not let it disappear. No one told you it would be easy.

The previous time, we pointed on some bright sides of such phenomenon as homesickness. If you struggle to cope with this state of mind take into consideration this article.

Modern Technologies

Nowadays there are numerous possibilities to exchange impressions with your close friends and family thanks to Facebook and Skype, Tumblr and Viber installed on your phone or computer. In order to maintain the connection, share small joys with your friend, stories of ups and downs, complaints and so on. When the screaming injustice of the universe happens to you, tell it to your friend, not parents – what kind of an epic story is that (without the swear words)?

While chatting in networks, try not to overdo with social media content. Partially it will contribute to your communication, but do not let endless posts replace a live dialogue.

Bored Person Computer

Significant Difference

As we enter the adulthood (or at least doing the first step by entering the university), we should keep in mind that now some of our acquaintances, classmates, companions and buddies will be left behind. That is okay because life is full of surprises and always prepares trick or two for you. Be ready to set a sail into the big ocean of student’s life, and leave the best memories of all your adventures with bros in the past. Why so? It is because TRUE friends will always be with you, no matter how hard “cruel reality” tries to tear you apart.

As simple as ABC: read how a journalism student brings into focus the difference between the real friends and fake ones.

From now on, when a huge real gap stands between true friends, some things just have to be spoken out loud. Write in messages and say during the conversation on the phone more often that you love and miss the person you care about so much. It is only in your hands to save the vibe that has been connecting you for many years – build new bridges and strengthen the old ones.

Friends Hanging Out

General Recommendations

Actually, an instruction is pretty simple; pain in the neck appears only when boyfriends/girlfriends come on the way. That case is a hard one. Try to find the balance between those two, determine who is more important for you – a person that you have known for a half of your life or the guy you’ve just acquainted with.

  1. When you change your location, keep your friends updated: send photos of the places you have been to, tell about peculiarities you have noticed in the language or in the way people dress, share with them funny stories that happened during the classes, etc.
  2. Sacrifice an hour or two of sleep, but be online to support your friend or just giggle like in the old times. By the way, if it is needed, play a role of psychologist, advisor, reminder, joy-killer or whoever else – just be there for your friend.
  3. Solve problems at once; do not pretend that nothing happened. If you do, such an unpleasant experience will settle in your heart for the very long time.
  4. Remember, that now there is no chance to hug, kiss, tickle, lean on or push to action. So you have to fulfill this gap with something new – nicknames, jokes, little amenities, etc.
  5. Whenever possible, offer your help to a friend – you will be surprised but even if you two have absolutely different specializations, you could still be useful for each other from the practical point of view.

Hugging Friends

Additional Pieces of Advice

If you feel confused and do not know what to do to preserve your best friend who is hundreds of miles away from you, take a look at this list. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy.

  1. Stimulate and challenge each other – on the World Wide Web there are tons of fun stuff offered to try, make videos of you coping with “dare.” Make bets and resolutions as if nothing has changed.
  2. In the case of “emergency,” find the time and possibility to arrive in the town where your friend is. All those paper works and seminars will not go anywhere, but the friend might. So set the priorities right.
  3. Write letters! It will work. There is no place for emoji, awkward pausing, careless cold phrases or stupid jokes in such type of communication. The letter is something very intimate, precious and dear to the heart. You will not address the letter to anybody – only to the loved ones.
  4. Make surprises! On birthday or some weekends buy tickets and head to the place you friend lives without warning. It can turn out really fun and unforgettable. As an alternative: you can always prepare some gift, nicely wrap it and go to the post office to send it.
  5. Remember about the power of simple little things! It is quite enough to line up some phrase (like “I love you,” “Cheer up”) out of doodles and send a photo to your friend just to make him/her smile. The magic of any relationships lies in the details like this, so, do not underestimate it.

Whenever your support is needed, stand by your friend. You have to KNOW that you will save your relationships, not just hope that your friendship will somehow maintain the same level.

With time, both of you will make sure that everything is possible without vociferous vows about BFF with candles and bloody fingerprints in the middle of the night.