So I see in a few groups I belong to, people talking about their publishing options and what theyre going to do when they finish their book.

What are your thoughts on the publishing industry today?

There is traditional publishing. You query and wait agonizing weeks or months in the hopes that someone will ask for the full manuscript. Though, for the most part, rejection letters are sent. Theyre awful, I know, but theyre most likely going to be the reality most writers face.

Then there are these smaller publishers. Lets face it, 90% are going to be little more than a scam. You pay for this or that (in one way or another), they publish your book and hold onto the rights for dear life, never wanting to let go. You get a super low royalty rate. But hey, you get to slap the name of a publisher on your book. Good for you!

Then theres self publishing. *Gasp*. It seems there is still a stigmata attached to self publishing. I hate to say it, but its almost deserved. Ive read a fair share of self published books. A lot of great, and a lot I wish I could get the wasted time back. With self publishing, everyone who can string together sentences (not necessarily coherent ones at that) thinks theyre an author and can now say theyre published.

This hurts those who truly have a gift, as now the market is flooded with dribble. Which is why those who are rejected from option one, go with option two so they have an audience from those who will only read authors who have a publisher.

But lets face it, if you can get the readership, KDP (via Amazon) is the way to go. Higher royalties and youre in charge of your schedule. No waiting for the publisher to decide to release your book.

Not to mention, Amazon now has Kindle Scout, which offers a contract for books AND an advance. But buyers beware, if you dont make your advance back, you have to pay it back. Plus everyone who voted for your book gets a free copy. (Check out how it works here.)