Homesick Student

People tend to define homesickness as a very sad mental state or a manifestation of a childish behavior. Why is it so? If a part of you misses parents, it only means that you appreciate your family very much, that your life is full of unconditional love and happy moments. That means a lot! If your friends cannot understand this feeling and try to mock on you because of it, perhaps, you should reconsider your relationships with fellows more carefully.

In no way homesickness can be shameful because nothing can substitute family atmosphere with its warmth, support and unbreakable trust in you. We seek all of these things when changes come into our life, so, it is no wonder, why there are moments when a student feels weak and his or her inner voice says “I need to call my mom” or whoever else is close enough.

In the previous article, we talked about hidden cliffs in the student’s life, so, you should take a look if you are not sure that you do everything right in resolving your problems.

During the vacation at home (even a short one), you may not only recover your powers but also get an emotional discharge. All of the concerns, worries and problems often disappear while you are surrounded by the family members. Especially the lucky ones are those who have home pets! Then it rightly can be considered as a therapy.

Home, Sweet Home

Precious Things

It is time to take a closer look at what makes homesickness ten times harder.

  1. Someone may only think about mother’s delicious masterpieces and immediately he/she gets upset. Seriously! It is one of the most horrible things in the student’s life – being deprived of mouth-watering dishes cooked by the caring hands of a mom.
  2. The very process of accustoming to the new place, town, and people can be very stressful for a freshman. However, there is always a period of adaptation even for a senior (after a long time spent at home).
  3. You cannot take all of the stuff you have at home, so you may take some that are connected to some significant memories. It happens that when you are in a black mood you see those things and they make your condition even more depressive as they trigger a chain of memories and associations.

Well, this list may be endless, but as our mission is making you sure that homesickness is not as bad as you think, so we will not continue the citation.

The Use of Homesickness

You did not misunderstand – there are not only dark sides of such a phenomenon as homesickness but also there are certain advantages. How come? Let us put it this way. When a teenager enters the university he/she usually leaves the parent’s house and moves into an apartment with other students (or joins the dormitory). In such a way, the communication between a child and parents becomes much poorer and from this moment there are two versions of this scenario: either you become much closer with your parents by cherishing little things or you parted ways.

Your relationships will reach another level. The cheerful moments shared and time spent together after the long period of being apart will do their thing! Your connections will become much stronger – more sensual and tender. This is how a family begins to appreciate simple actions. This is how being far away from each other helps to gain true unity of the family.

You see, modern technologies really help to stay in touch with the loved ones. The point is that we do not always understand that. Your parents miss you ten times more than they actually tell you, so, do not forget to make them smile by sending funny photos or telling entertaining stories.

Skype with Family

A Few Interesting Points

Why is that we call it homeSICK? It should be like “paradise addicted” because our home is a shelter from all sickness and madness that exist in the world. All possible non-material advantages, conveniences, and peacefulness can be found at home, hence, it is obvious that we miss it…

Maybe you have not noticed, but there is one problem that is following the majority of us wherever we are: in a dormitory or at home with parents we gradually gain weight. Think of it. When you live on your own you decide how to plan the budget. In addition, there is always a temptation to buy extra SNICKERS or a bag of chips and not a kilo of apples. Thus, you may opt for snacks – unhealthy yummy products which cause gaining weight or you may go home for vacation and do what? That is right – get few pounds thanks to/because of divinely cooked dishes and goodies that your parents buy to indulge you. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

If you want to read about another approach to this case, you should definitely look here. The author of this article gives a amore profound explanation in very simple words while telling his journey through life.


This issue is not hopeless – there are a few things that you could do to overcome homesickness.

  1. Make friends! Not just simply establish some connections in order to blend into new surroundings.
  2. Keep a diary and print out the family photos! It can always make you smile which is far better than sitting next to the window and staring at the raindrops.
  3. Share your thoughts with parents as often as you need, just remember that now it is time for you to grow up!