Flying Out Nest

Your tough days do not end with choosing the university, passing the entrance examination and an interview (if there is any), they only begin at this point. Besides existential questions like “Who I want to be?” and “What is my vocation?” different concerns arise in the mind of a typical high school graduate. For example: how to cope with all the domestic issues (sharing a room in a dormitory/apartment means facing new needs. Basic ones are to prepare the food, to do the laundry, to keep your place clean); how to make new friends; how to say goodbye to your pet, who is more like a family member than an animal and so on. In this funny article, we offer you to look through the deceptively simple things which sometimes can turn out to be a disaster and find some optimal ways of resolving it.

What Is at Stake?

If a new aspect of life feels like something big and exciting, it affects everything and in the case with a “freshly-baked” students, the main spheres will be health, leisure, financial issues, reputation and, let it be homework (all in all, it must be mentioned somewhere). Some adults are unable to weaken the control, so the first problem to appear would be the constant parent’s lectures. This is the worst thing ever, but face the truth – we can hardly pull through the difficulties without their guidance. So, just be patient and thoughtful at least, at the start, because you, people, still do not know how to cook something eatable or how to successfully lead a battle with insects!

Setting Priorities

You are going to make a lot of mistakes – do not worry about it. It is no big deal if you are, for example, ironing the clothes and watching the TV-serial at the same time. So what if the iron will accidentally singe the cloth? Have you ever seen those fashionable jeans with the huge holes all over in it (around knees, in particular)? Invent and develop your own fashion – it is hard to say what is going to become trendy the next time.

Seriously, while resolving all that unpredictable problems and bearing the psychological and physical tension, “do not get lost in what is not there.” Try to set your mind to the important things like buying chocolate and meat which will stimulate your mind and make your body healthier, making plans and actually turning them into reality (not postponing), sleeping (it is hard while studying, so use every possibility you get, literary). Also, make sure you keep in touch with those who you care the most (distance very often makes some harsh corrections, do not give up on your friends and family). Get involved in startups (shows, conferences, presentations – there you may get acquainted with the influential, interesting and creative people) and so on.


Now, this is a scary word, even dangerous, to speak about. Expressing oneself is a great manifestation of a personality hidden behind the curls, makeup, dress or cap, oversize T-shirt, and sneakers. Feel free to use accessories, colors, and prints, but stay in the bounds of decency and adequacy. You do not have to look like I’m “sexy and I know it.”

Eccentrically-Dressed Youth

Experiments may be useful in order to overcome your fears, to get out of the comfort zone, to form your own style, but! Before you decide to cover your body with tattoos, remember that those Japanese characters are just letters and words that are written and spoken in everyday life. So, it’s really unnecessary to get a tattoo of ninja, letting people know that you are the very embodiment of it.


Well, that is a hard one. Unfortunately, there is no universal receipt of how not only to establish new social connections but also fit in some big friendly company. Each of us has some silly complexes, deep concerns about our appearance or character and it is all right, you will get over it. Just keep in mind, that when you enter the university you get a new chance to start over, to make a new impression, to present yourself, so use these opportunities carefully.

The only general recommendation here might be to avoid extremes.  Do not overdo with showing off and do not hide in the shadows – the Dark Side is amazing, because they have cookies, but still, all you need to do is to find the happy medium and be yourself.

Do you remember the outstanding movie The Mask? The main hero acts in very extraordinary ways. You do not have to behave like that, to draw attention to yourself or to make people like you. Be careful, guys, do not to chick-chicky-boom too much.


Om Nom Nom

In some countries, it is a common practice among parents to send their poor little children parcels full of food prepared by caring mother. It seems like heaven, but, eventually, that scary rainy day will come… The day when you will have to cook yourself.

Well, many people can say: “What’s the problem? You exaggerate.” And you know what? WE DO NOT.

Come on! How can an average clumsy in cooking teenager be aware of all that magic which happens in the kitchen? There are a billion nuances! When should you throttle down? What is the order of adding ingredients? How not to oversalt the dish?  Unfortunately, staring at the pot will not help as well as cursing under your breath, so get ready to experience the bitterness of your “wonderful masterpieces.”

Still, do not be afraid (or too lazy) to try again and again till the smelly overburn disaster turns into something tasty and good-looking.

One more thing to consider: when it comes to your health and well-being, let your mom and dad repeat for the 100 times what they recommend you to do – it will save the time, nerves and so on. One day you will understand that they do it for your own good, because of love and solicitude, and in the future, you may proudly claim that you are into the healthy lifestyle.