I Am Done

Is not it a natural and a normal reaction when we get broken after some failures in our life? Of course, it is understandable when having endured some “crash” in your life, you may turn into some “jellyfish.”  Besides, you will be right in this case as no one can deny the fact that actually all of us are just sensitive people who may easily sink into a depression. Sometimes a bad mark for a college essay, problems in the relationship with parents or friends may seem to be just slight problems if to compare them with other difficult ones that may happen to you. You can be wholly disappointed and think that there is no justice in the world, why not? You can constantly blame yourself and think what if you did not… We propose something other. As only the minority of us can consider some failures useful things, it is the high time to do it together with our team! It does not mean at all that we cannot rethink our opinions regarding failures and begin to use them for our profit. Let us start speaking with you about what disturbs all of us every day.

Failures: Come Across “I Am a Loser”

These words do not make us inspired and determined, do they? After some even a little failure, you may think that you cannot succeed in achieving your aims. Usually, we think a lot about how awful this flop is, why we, why today and so on. On the other hand, how seldom we think about what we can take from this situation, how we can win even in this disgusting fail, what importance we can understand from this case. Despite the fact that it can sound a bit silly, why not to replace this repelling “I am a loser” with “I am a winner”? It is quite important to remember that words which we often think and say out loud define the things which happen to us. The more you think that you cannot be successful, the more you feel it is true and ascertain it in the reality. Besides, this scheme also works on the contrary, remember it. You can endure some problems and come across the failures, but at the same time stay happy, be successful and feel the comfort. It is possible if you direct your thoughts and feelings more towards the issue about how you can use your problems for developing. Moreover, the quantity of fails reduces when you do not concentrate on your mistakes but pay more attention to wins. Who knows, maybe this failure, which seems to be killing you, will become the beginning of your success.

I Am Winner

Failures: The Social Aspect of Perception

Living in the society, we cannot totally stay aside from its point of view. Consciously or unconsciously, we always try to be happy and successful because these wishes are common in the society. Agree that it would be strange if people did not strive for perfection and getting better conditions of the life that others have. Competition is the natural state of human being, but if you realize it, this fact will not make a control over you. Thus, you will be able to manage your thoughts, feelings and make them into the order. In addition, we often suffer hard because of the fact that society will not accept our flops or our feelings will be abused and offended. Again, we emphasize that a human is a social element, and it is natural that everyone tries to do the best to arrange own well-being. From the other side, it is possible to prescind from the public assessment of your affairs. This practice can help you assess a real value and importance of your problems and their actual influence on your life. It would be quite easier to comprehend our mistakes if we did not allow the society’s reaction to influence us in the time of our reflection and self-analyzing. We painfully accept our mistakes and hide them deeply into ourselves turning back and wondering what other people think about all of this. Facing with this dilemma and keeping in mind the importance of analyzing your fails without impurities of social views will rescue you from exaggerated self-blaming and save your nerves.

Failures: Inferiority Complex Coming from Childhood

Person Directing

One more essential thing regarding how we cope with our failures and perceive them is related to the childhood. Some parents can wrongly try to “wind up” their child like a mechanical machine for gaining success. The general aim of supporting children in their creative efforts and searches is quite great, but parents from time to time may excessively use this technique. In such a case, a child can be growing up with the inferiority complex. This happens when children blame themselves that they cannot meet the expectations of their parents or when parents require too much from the children and not heed to their thoughts.  Moreover, there is a danger that a person can live with this hazardous feeling inside for the whole life. That is why if you feel that there can be some implicit damaging inferiority complex inside you, you need to immediately analyze it and get rid of. It is because this is dangerous for your physical and mental health. Moreover, it can cause depression and other deep psychic damaging reactions of your consciousness. In addition, pay attention to this article that can help you overcome your inferiority complex.

To sum up, failures of your life may and should be deeply analyzed, and not from the side of self-blaming and sinking into the depression, but from the position of keeping control over your mind and trying to get from these situations some useful knowledge.