Road to Success

People around you, mass media, posters on the wall and even your friends and your mom… What does unite them? What a strange choice is for this list? We can let you think a bit, but there is too little time to wait. That is why we continue. All these categories of different things are consistently telling you that you must be successful, would it be explicitly or implicitly. The world has been arranged in such way that you must do your best to become rich and successful or at least prove the society who you are. Strange, silly, isn’t it? Under the constant pressure, a person can “catch” the depression, which can make the inferiority complex develop and cause the problems with the health. By the way, you can read about it with more details in the previous article about a psychological side of the failures. Nevertheless, we can clap you on the shoulder and say that it is the reality. The society is so puzzled and excited by “grabbing” this success that we often forget that even very famous and successful people started with mistakes, flops, and disappointments. We speak a lot about the time when people are on the high forgetting that there were so many obstacles on their way. So, let us slightly open the curtain of the many-sided lives of world-famous people.

A Story of Thomas Edison

Nowadays this person is considered a genius, and he has been marked in history like a famous inventor in the electric energy sphere. It is well-known that Thomas Edison has invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light bulb. It is a person that nowadays is considered to be the greatest inventor in America. He has made more than one thousand patents in United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Due to the prolific work of this person and his contribution to the technological process, the world has been reached with the extra important and useful things like electric light, sound recording, power utilities, motion pictures, etc. In particular, after his researches and inventions, there has been created a battery for the electric car. Also, it has become possible to record the sounds and make the motion pictures. You read it and can guess that this person had so great life full of success, fame, and happiness, but it is just a first sight on his lifeway. Thus, now it is the time to find out who he was and which problems he had to face. At first, little Thomas had the problems with his studying as his teachers said that he was too stupid to learn something. In addition to it, he was fired from his first two jobs because Thomas Edison’s employers considered that he was not productive enough to work with them. After reading this part, many people can say that it is a story of a loser but see how this “loser” at the great length has created a new world of opportunities for us.


The “Dark” Side of Walt Disney’s Life

Nowadays when you see “Walt Disney Presents” anywhere, unconsciously you are ready to run there and watch this cartoon forgetting about your immediate affairs. There is no hesitation that Walt Disney is a great person and that the company he has created is legendary. The society got used to perceive Walt Disney as a “God of cartoon industry,” but it was not always. Before Walt Disney became a world-famous person, he had had a lot of problems with his self-perception and career. For example, he worked in a famous newspaper Kansas City Star and once he was fired because the editor thought Walt Disney had the lack of imagination and could not make some good ideas. Now it sounds like a joke, but how would we live nowadays if Walt had believed in his disability to create something amazing at that disappointing moment of his “dark” past?

Dark Past

Oprah Winfrey’s Ventures

Maybe, there is no one person in the whole world who does not know Oprah and her amazing TV shows with famous stars. Her style, expressivity, and bright emotions on the screen cannot leave someone indifferent. Nevertheless, we will start from… the beginning of her way. Be attentive, you will not recognize Oprah from her first steps in the career.

Oprah Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi when her mother was an unmarried teenager. Her mother, Vernita Lee, worked as a housemaid. A girl lived her first six years with a maternal grandmother in a deep rural poverty. Oprah did not have the necessary things for the life, she even was reluctant to wear dresses made of potato sacks, and other children laughed at her appearance and poorness. After that, Oprah was taken by her mother and then sent to Nashville, Tennessee to live with a man Vernon Winfrey who was noted to be her biological father. The mother of Oprah cannot keep her financially, but, nevertheless, she gave the birth to three children after Oprah. A quite later Oprah confessed on one of her talk shows that her cousin, family friend, and uncle molested her starting from the time when she was nine. She spoke about this child sexual abuse late but her relatives did not believe her. At the age of thirteen she ran away from home, and in one year she became pregnant, but her son died soon after his birth. Oprah’s family sold the story of her son to the magazine “National Enquirer”, and Oprah felt betrayed by the family. The things became better when she won a scholarship and began to study at the high school. Amazingly, isn’t it? Nowadays we know Oprah as one of the most famous women in the world. She is a media proprietor, actress and has a successful talk show. According to statistics, her show was the highest-rated TV talk show of all times. This woman has become the greatest philanthropist in America and multi-billionaire person. She was awarded not once, and several assessments point her as the most influential woman in the world. Besides, it was noticed that she influenced the president’s election by her support of Barak Obama on the talk show.

Living our life, we constantly think whether it is successful and “correct” according to the society’s beliefs. Sometimes we trust to others who can say that we cannot create or are mediocrities. We are searching for an answer to a question who we are, but do not dare to answer by ourselves. You are welcome to read more about the stories of famous people here. These people teach us again and again that we must be true to ourselves and believe in own strength.