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You will be right if you think that writing the essay about failures is quite not a scientific task. However, this issue is extremely important and popular, even it is “hot” topic in modern society. As it is well-known, nowadays people perceive the problem and the state of their success close to the heart. This topic is many-sided, problematical and complicated. As you can see from other articles in this blog, there are really many exciting issues inside this topic, and you can choose whatever you like more.

Theoretical Background for Your Essay

The topic of failures is related to psychology, sociology, world history, cultural studies, conflictology, etc. Thus, you are welcome to use the theoretical works within these scientific spheres for writing your essay. In such a way, you will have the background for your research and will be able to form your critical point of view on this issue. It is quite useful to get some knowledge from psychology and psychoanalysis. For example, you may get acquainted with the works of Carlos Castaneda, who is the world famous American thinker and writer. Also, there is one great American writer, teacher and psychologist Dale Carnegie, whose ideas may develop and expand your mind. In addition, it can be sufficient to read about ideas of such modern writers as Eckhart Tolle, Jeff Foster, Osho and Neale Donald Walsh. Also, it can be a good idea to use “Psychoanalysis” of Sigmund Freud. In particular, he stated that there were categories of conscious and unconscious perception of human being. He also interpreted human dreams in his work “The Interpretation of Dreams” and considered that they were tightly connected with unconsciousness of a human and expressed our implicit desires or fears. Besides, he developed a conception of a human psychics that concluded Ego, Superego and It (Id). We believe that you will be interested in reading the works of Carl Jung, who developed his idea about individual and collective unconscious. Aside from the psychology, it is very useful to get the basic knowledge from the social theories, conflict studies, and some cultural issues.

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The Title and the Topic: Make Your Essay Unrepeatable

Consider Some Title and Structure Tips

Choosing the title and the topic, you have to keep in mind your goal of writing an essay. For example, you may want to make an entertaining and informative text. In such a case, you may freely choose some jocular title for the essay and follow a free structure, use different artistic means and even joke with your readers. As this type of the essay is not strict, you are welcome to try some “fresh” and unexpected experiments with your language and content. You can be sure that it will enrich your text and highlight it within similar texts on this issue. In a case you want to follow a more strict and scientific guideline, you are expected to keep your structure well-organized and concentrated. You may also fill an essay with a lot of useful and interesting information. A good idea would be to mention some ideas and facts that you found out from some scientific sources, special magazines or newspapers.

Consider Some Content Tips and Hints

The topics of the essay on the issue of failures in people’s life may be quite different. Your choice depends on the sphere you want to represent in this text. For example, if you want to develop your essay from the psychological side, you can describe this problem analyzing the aspect of the society perception of success and failures. You may write about how people understood these words and their meanings earlier in different historical periods, and how people perceive them nowadays. In addition, you can engage some exciting information about how the childhood complexes influence people’s lives, their psychology, and worldview. If you want to make your essay more informative, you may write about different amazing facts related to failures. For instance, you can write about the life stories of famous people who had to cope with difficulties and endure hardship on the beginning of their successful life. Besides, as it is quite a subjective genre, you can add some your thoughts, remarks, and observations. In addition, if you are likely to deepen into a historical sphere, it will be the interesting idea to describe different world inventions which have been made by chance or due to some wrong acts. In such a way, you will get a chance to expand your topic and lead it out from the traditional perception of failures in the society. If you are interested in world’s history, you can brilliantly tell about defining historical events, wars and peace treaties, fails of high politicians, economists, inventors and religious persons whose mistakes have changed the history and sent it in new directions.

Sum Up Your Essay Brilliantly

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To make your essay well-structured and interesting, you need to sum up it diligently. Keep in mind what is the main direction of your essay about failures and highlight the defining points of it in conclusion. In such a way, your readers will “feel” the structure of your text and percept it more sufficiently. Besides, more about writing high-quality essays you can read in this article. Also, the good idea is to mention some undiscovered or poor-discovered issues tied to your topic. Owing to it you will state new problems and structuralize them for further researches.