Modern Literature

Organization of the productive work is both a time-consuming and mysterious process. Last time we have discussed an issue of multilingualism in modern literature, while this time we are talking about creative writing and its impact on the development of modern literature.

However, when there is no writing experience, a person may not know where to start. Of course, creative people process information in different ways, but all the necessary actions can be divided into several groups – the important steps that will help to overcome the initial chaos in the mind and feelings. To fulfill an overall view of creative writing and its connection with modern literature in your essay, see what we have for you below! For more information – click here!

Where Is the Connection?

Connection Line

Nowadays a lot of people who study the modern literature cannot understand the issues they see face when investigating it. Why does it happen? It happens because they cannot see the reason for a particular issue without experiencing it by themselves. Writing a note or an article for your personal blog may help you understand why different pieces of writing form a particular style or direction, why people write about things that bother them, how they enrich their vocabulary nowadays, why they show and hide some things. Being a part of creating writing does not mean that you will become a famous modernist, but it means that you will make a progress in self-development.

The Idea

The idea is a call to action. It has many forms: an interesting character, a fantastic world, unexpected events, an occasional dialogue between the characters and funny creatures, magic skills, and technical innovations, etc. Bring some active interest in it.

The idea needs to be not only interesting, but it must also be catchy. If an idea of a curious character of a brutal werewolf or a nimble thief visit you once a week while you are washing dishes, it does not mean that it is necessary to write a book that will suit the context of the modern literature. However, if this idea returns next day and night, interrupts your work and sleep, “pulling” in his adventures, “telling” his story – then yes, use it. The fact is that “just wondering” fades pretty quickly. It will be the first emotional rush of inspiration – and dry printing job with which everyone will get bored.

Creative writer does not need to grab the first “take out” story, they find a better hero. The fact that being “just curious,” you could write a short story or a sketch, which is then going to be a huge part of the plot. Nevertheless, creative writing is a work that needs attention and much effort.

Study the Material

Creative people are, inherently, “receivers.” Definitely, all of the information coming to us in various ways: insights or random associations, or reading, vision and subsequent borrowing, or through meditation, – is the basis of the material to be processed. However, before you get to work, you need to accumulate a sufficient amount of material.

To sew the doll, you firstly need to buy the materials needed for the body and the suit. To write a book or any piece of writing – you need to save text snippets and thoughts, form the image of the characters and the world that suddenly came up with the exemplary events, and form a plot out of them. Working with the material is an individual case, but what exactly will be chosen and be typed is an even more subjective decision. So, you must keep records either in a notebook or computer file, or on paper napkins, no matter how – it should be convenient.

Of course, it is important to record everything – from short sentences to long conversations, from the appearance of the hero to the oddities of its character. Even if you are writing about your life – use a creative style, compare some life occasions with sudden miracles and so on. When you have accumulated enough information (a “sufficient” awareness), you can start processing the material and write something.

Love Your Story

Hand Writing

After the information is collected, sorted, after the first lines are written, after the work is started, sometimes it is difficult to save inspiration and love for the history. It does not work the way you have imagined it. Instead of one idea, you have written more. Therefore, it is difficult at first to pick up the words, and beautiful imaginary picture in your writing seems to be tongue-tied, curved and uninteresting… However, everything is going as it should go.

Obviously, the actual picture will always be different from the one you have created. Obviously, all of your adjectives and comparison structures are likely to make the pictured area or time different from the actual (maybe even boring) location or conditions. You must get used to this and love your work and the history, keeping the necessary balance and respect for both. You are reader-oriented, so you need to make your reader want to discover more and more about what you are actually writing.

And, of course, it is important to find time to work. If there is no time to write, you should at least think about the story, view notes, and dream to be there, in your story: a hero in the middle of the action or the usual audience.

Only after you find a connection with your writing piece, you will realize how much it means to you. Creative writing will highlight the ways of understanding what the modern literature looks like and how it can be changed by you and people who have similar thoughts.