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Great Variety: Lifestyle Depends On the Form of Studying

In today’s fast-moving world there are many diverse types of schools and ways of getting a degree: cyber schools (or virtual) and public (brick & mortar), intramural and extramural forms of studying, single-shift and double-shift systems. Do you know that… Continue Reading →

Mass Delusion: Friends Part Their Ways After Entering the University

After finishing school, the time comes when you have to pick up the university of your dream, pass the exams and, in some cases, say goodbye to your hometown, old friends, and dear parents. It’s natural because a teenager has… Continue Reading →

Home, Sweet Home

People tend to define homesickness as a very sad mental state or a manifestation of a childish behavior. Why is it so? If a part of you misses parents, it only means that you appreciate your family very much, that… Continue Reading →

Flying Out of the Nest

Your tough days do not end with choosing the university, passing the entrance examination and an interview (if there is any), they only begin at this point. Besides existential questions like “Who I want to be?” and “What is my… Continue Reading →

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