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Are You Working Smart?

During your lifetime, you may have heard your boss saying that his employees are the most efficient and the smartest ones. However, what does he mean by this phrase? The answer is obvious – any boss considers his crew the… Continue Reading →

Self-Management After Graduation

You have just graduated from the university. All you need in this life are money, shelter, and food. Sounds rather pragmatic, but it is true. Happiness and satisfaction will come after you will make a fortune. What should you do?… Continue Reading →

Interview: Get Ready

Preparation for the meeting with your boss is the crucial moment. However, you may practice for years, and suddenly one of your interlocutors will ask you the concept you do not know – a vocational phrase you do not understand… Continue Reading →

Skills of Life

Have you ever felt that you lack the “real” skills? Employers do not even want to look over your CV, because you are not experienced enough. If you have spent years on cramming the material at school or university, juggling,… Continue Reading →

Thrilling Danger: Read and Experience

You can be deeply in love with the mountains or just hate them. There is no third choice. Mountain hiking is the lifestyle, a kind of drug, which, at first glance, may look safe, but not every ascending is an… Continue Reading →

Main Tips on How to Write an Essay: Modern Literature

Last time we have discussed the connection between creative writing and literature, and this time we will show you through the process of writing a paper about modern literature. An essay is probably one of the most popular and mysterious… Continue Reading →

Creative Writing and Modern Literature: How They Are Connected

Organization of the productive work is both a time-consuming and mysterious process. Last time we have discussed an issue of multilingualism in modern literature, while this time we are talking about creative writing and its impact on the development of… Continue Reading →

Multilingualism and Language Policy: Their Effect on Creative Writing

Last time we discussed plagiarism, cheating and using the same ideas by several authors. This time our talk will be dedicated to language use, creative writing and their connection. Learning the language, we also get engaged into the study of… Continue Reading →

Technology Impact on Modern Literature: How Is It Possible?

Last time we have discussed modern issues in literature in general, sharing a quick view of a current situation in this art. These days we cannot imagine the learning procedure without modern technologies in every little thing. Somehow, they create… Continue Reading →

Modern Literature Issues: How Do They Affect Us?

The trends that appear in a contemporary literature are alarming. From the information flow of today’s pop culture you can get an idea of the illusory optimism of our creative selves. However, the situation is radically opposite to what we… Continue Reading →

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