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Essay About Failures: Tips and Interesting Topics

You will be right if you think that writing the essay about failures is quite not a scientific task. However, this issue is extremely important and popular, even it is “hot” topic in modern society. As it is well-known, nowadays… Continue Reading →

Mistakes Which Have Changed the History

The time, the history, a decision. These components always were connected with each other. The decisions of people always dominated in the changing history and the whole world – would it be willingly or not – had to take these… Continue Reading →

Mistakes Which Have Become World Inventions

The world history is full of trickery and mockeries of the fate. Every day of society is always defined and restricted by the rules that exist in it. Let us ask ourselves how so many inventions could be made if… Continue Reading →

Failures of Famous People: The Road to Success

People around you, mass media, posters on the wall and even your friends and your mom… What does unite them? What a strange choice is for this list? We can let you think a bit, but there is too little… Continue Reading →

Failures: From the Other Side of Your Vision

Is not it a natural and a normal reaction when we get broken after some failures in our life? Of course, it is understandable when having endured some “crash” in your life, you may turn into some “jellyfish.”  Besides, you… Continue Reading →

Dismiss Your Brave Imagination: Arrange Extreme Leisure

Are you bored by sitting at a cafe and talking with friends about university professors, parties and ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends? Are you falling asleep when your friends at the university propose you to go to a pub and drink all… Continue Reading →

Returning to Nature: Resting in the Countryside

In case you live in a big city, you know and feel these things very well, you may deal with them almost every day: advanced technologies, tons of coffee, lack of sleep, studying and working under the constant pressure, many… Continue Reading →

“Weekends Come Silently”: How to Live with It?

At the beginning of a studying or a working week you have one irritating thought. Yes, it is about long-distance weekends.While drowning in different books, reports, and tests, you are dreaming about them; you are waiting for the free time… Continue Reading →

Balancing on the Border: Catching the Time for Living

If you say to someone that your studying or/and working and other necessary (but dull and boring) duties take up all of your time, you will hardly surprise someone. We are people of today. People rarely keep up with their… Continue Reading →

Use It or Lose It: Learn the Ways to Make Money Using Your Hobbies

Take into consideration that you are a widely talented person. Listen, you can achieve more that you think you can. Imagine that you can play the guitar and dream about playing on a stage for a big audience. Maybe, you… Continue Reading →

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