Extreme Person

Are you bored by sitting at a cafe and talking with friends about university professors, parties and ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends? Are you falling asleep when your friends at the university propose you to go to a pub and drink all night long? We know what the matter with you is. Actually, there are so many creative and exciting extreme activities! If you want to entertain yourself, get the adrenaline and feel the taste of freedom, you are welcome to try some extreme kinds of activities. It seems that you are ready to get a taste of something new and wild. Maybe, a bit…mad?

Conquer the Height

Person Flying

If you like the heights, it is the time to fly! Maybe, you tremble when you look out from your balcony or imagine that you are standing at the edge of a mountain. Oh, especially if you tremble. If so, these activities are for you because it will help you get rid of your fears. Try looking your fears in the eyes, as the time has come!

How to make your day unforgettable? For example, you are on a pedestrian bridge. Some people are just walking on it, but not you. You can jump from this bridge! No, it is really legal and undoubtedly not about self-killing. There is such an extreme kind of jumping from high buildings and bridges named bungee jumping and rope-jumping. If you feel a bit sad or bored before the jump, your mood will quickly improve after it, and you will want to live many happy years…and jump again!

Is it not a brilliant idea to combine the rest in the countryside with some extreme activities? That is why, it would be a great solution, for example, to climb the mountains and feel a true taste of the wilderness and freedom. The extremeness of the mountains is not only in climbing up the heights, but also in setting fire and cooking the food on it, in sleeping in a tent and living without the usual necessary things like a closet, a bed or a shower. You have to be really brave to get used to living in such conditions, but it is worth doing, do not hesitate!

Besides, remember that your city, which you seem to know so well, is quite another when you look at it from another point of view or from the different height. If it is safe and legal, you can try arranging a special visit to a top of some building and see some breathtaking views of your native town or city. In addition to this, there are roofers whose interests are to climb up different high buildings. That is why, you can also try it (it is better to cooperate with some experienced roofers) and conquer new heights!

In addition to this, it you are really crazy and unstoppable, you can jump with a parachute! Traditionally many people believe that jumping alone is too terrible, but jumping with an instructor is not as great as it can be when you do it alone. In any case, do not believe prejudices and stereotypes and try jumping in the way you like. It can be magnificent and enchanting even with an instructor. Just follow the instructions and enjoy the life from the enormous height!

If climbing up trees is in your blood, put boring activities aside and boldly go to a rope park! There is a wide variety of activities which you can do there. Besides, there are such parks where you can choose a level of a difficulty. It is not only about entertainment, as you can develop and train there the skills of keeping balance, climbing and many others. You can even arrange a competition, just take your relatives and friends with you, it will be fun!

Do you remember those dreamy air balloons in many films? Maybe, you imagined at least once that you were in one of them and flew above the city. It can be quite expensive, but you have to try such an option if you can afford this, it is really worth it. Why not to make this dream come true? Create own story with you being a main character.

Moving, Energy, Power

Energetic Person

It can become your little secret. May your friends ask you after the weekends why you are so energetic and cheerful. The answer will be quite a simple. It cannot concern your special success or your experiences, but be the constant moving in your life.

Do not believe those who say that, for example, trampolines are not for adults, but only for children. There are such amusement parks where both children and adults can have some fun. So, if you like some fooling around, welcome, dear! In addition to this, you can get a great portion of adrenaline on different attractions. The only precaution is that you would rather avoid them if you have problems with your health.

During the last decade, various quest-rooms have become popular. Nowadays there are so many quest-rooms, that you can easily find in your city and try the ones you like. There is anything you can imagine… They can be based on the themes of films, computer games, periods of history or some books. It is really an energetic and funny activity, during which you dive into the atmosphere of some new world. Just take your friends and go, go!

So, what about rafting? It is a special way to travel on a raft down a river. It can be really extreme; it just depends on your wishes and skills. If you like such an extreme sport and can swim (just in case), you can surf the Internet and find the best location and way of rafting for you. Moreover, it is so great idea to spend the free time outside that has been described in the previous article

This way of traveling is one of the most mobile and adventurous. Carefree people travel in such way, and, maybe, you can do too! Of course, it is hitchhiking. No money – no problem! It can be like a motto of experienced hitchhikers. Yes, it is difficult to believe that you can stand by a road, raise a hand and try to catch a car without paying money. It is difficult to achieve when you think that everything in our life has its own price or that you have to pay for any pleasant thing. Nevertheless, it is all prejudices. Put them aside and try at least once. After this time you will fall in love with hitchhiking as it is extremely interesting, creative and adventurous. On the other hand, there are some strict rules, which you have to follow to make your trip safe and comfortable. For example, if you are a girl, do not travel alone because you can seriously jeopardize yourself. The best variant for hitchhiking is a girl with a boy. Also it is important to keep in touch with your relatives during your trip, and it is necessary to make them know where you are and whether everything is OK. Choose only big roads for hitchhiking and make sure that a driver will not require payments from you later. And, of course, plan your route and other details of the trip in advance. To make you inspired, we propose you to read the guideline of Nomadic Matt about how to travel over the world on 50$ a day.

Whatever you choose, remember that motion is a life. Such activities give you the opportunity to open some new sides of yourself and the world. Catch them and feel the freedom!