Worker of the Month

During your lifetime, you may have heard your boss saying that his employees are the most efficient and the smartest ones. However, what does he mean by this phrase? The answer is obvious – any boss considers his crew the most intelligent and smart group of people taking into consideration their diplomas and professional skills. However, scientists conducted their own research and found out that not the IQ level defines you as the clever person. In this article, we want to tell you that everyone can be brilliant worker swearing, going late to bed and making a mess around. Clothes do not make the man, so here are the features of a perfect SMART employee.

Use Bad Language

We know since childhood that those who swear are the stupid people, who are lacking the active vocabulary to use. They are unable to express the emotions and thoughts, because they were bad pupils or students. However, scientists believe that opprobrious language is also the part of your vocabulary, and not its replacement. This means that when swearing, people are emotionally unstable and open to the new perspectives and experience. Such people are able to protect themselves, solve problems and work hard. We swear and pay no attention to people’s reaction. It is the straight inclination on the power of will and independence. Nevertheless, do not go too far!

Owl Lifestyle

Night Work

One needs to go to bed early and wake up early to be healthy. It is the standard stereotype, which states that people should sleep at night. We can contest this statement. Barak Obama and Chares Darwin were more productive in the nighttime, and look what they have done! It is not the question of choice or features of character. It is a physiological phenomenon. The biorhythm is the main cause of late night activity. Most of the creatures living on the Earth are the “day” creatures. Here we mean different animals, birds, and people. It is hard for us to see in the dark, we can only hear. It possesses the great danger. That is why scientists believe, that “night” people managed to deceive the nature, so they are smarter.

Messy Place

Look around and mind the state of your workplace. How does it look like? A meticulous neatness or a pitch-dark chaos? It may sound ridiculous, but there is a straight connection between your brain and your ability to clean the room. It may take you two hours to put everything in order, tidy up the table and the area around it. Now imagine what you could have done during those two hours. The more energy you will waste for the cleaning, the less you will be able to do. The mess around you is a great indicator of the creative thinking and dedicated logic. Just remember Sherlock’s apartment and keep calm!

Idle to Be Stupid

Lazy People at Work

Recall Sherlock again. Remember how often he was screaming about his boredom. People say “Business before pleasure,” however, the high IQ takes a lot of mental and emotional energy and often geniuses shut themselves off from the world. Sidewise it looks like they are lying in bed. It is important to think about the moral values and futility of existence. You will not be able to work 24/7. You will get tired. Actions speak louder than words! Here are the benefits of lazy people – they are able to get into gear as fast as possible and be more effective than faded fidget.

We are not trying to excuse laziness and swear words. It is important to stay intelligent and polite at home and at your workplace. The main idea of this writing is that people always judge a book by its cover. Diligence is the mother of good fortune, but if you notice that sometimes, it is easier for you to mumble a few bad words and calm yourself or write 20 articles in the room full of rubbish, do not try to change it! You are not obliged to be like everyone. Sameness is the destiny of weak and commonplace people. Do what you love and enjoy it!