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April 2018

“Weekends Come Silently”: How to Live with It?

At the beginning of a studying or a working week you have one irritating thought. Yes, it is about long-distance weekends.While drowning in different books, reports, and tests, you are dreaming about them; you are waiting for the free time… Continue Reading →

Balancing on the Border: Catching the Time for Living

If you say to someone that your studying or/and working and other necessary (but dull and boring) duties take up all of your time, you will hardly surprise someone. We are people of today. People rarely keep up with their… Continue Reading →

Use It or Lose It: Learn the Ways to Make Money Using Your Hobbies

Take into consideration that you are a widely talented person. Listen, you can achieve more that you think you can. Imagine that you can play the guitar and dream about playing on a stage for a big audience. Maybe, you… Continue Reading →

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