Open Door

Can you remember your first reaction or emotion when you found out that you were admitted to the university or college? Or, probably, you still cannot forget the moment when you were holding an invitation to the program or course at an overseas school, which you had dreamt about for ages. Anyway, once again try to think what it was like. That must be a very special feeling.

When my teacher told me that I was selected for the student exchange program, which my college organized together with some European universities, I remember, I felt so … strangely overwhelmed that my hands were shaking and I could not even write my paper in class. The understanding of the fact that I was supposed to leave for Europe in a few months came to me in the following morning only. However, I should confess that I do not remember what I felt on my first day at college. Well, I might just take it for granted.

Nevertheless, after you pass your first college exams and become an officially acknowledged college first year student, one day you are likely to notice that your life has got slightly different. Gradually will you realize that you are not who you used to be four or five months ago. But the main question here is whether you want these changes or not. If at the moment you are a senior student, for example, or if you are obtaining a second (or third) education, you can definitely say much more about all those highs and lows of the student life.

However, what is it that you cannot talk about? What is it that worries you every time you have to face it? No, I am not going to scare you. I was a student as well. And what personally I was really afraid of is that I would never find a good job. But the even more terrifying thing was that I did not know what I meant by, you see, really “good job”. However, they say that you must look into the eyes of your fear in order to fight it once and for all! I did it in my time. So, today I can comprehend what my own good job is. Shall we see whether you can do it?


Dealing with Student Everyday Life Circumstances

Have you ever wondered which side of the bed is right and to get out of it so that you feel good the whole day, or at least in class? Is your home really so sweet that you could change it for your spicy freedom and independence? We are going to find it all out together! You will see that your student period of life can teach you plenty of practical helpful things. And your experience, however dark it may and will seem, can actually bring a lot of sunshine into your future life.

Taking Academic Challenges

Whether you like it or not, but you should not disregard your study. All your writings, investigations and projects, as well as all efforts you make to do them well, might once help you very unexpectedly. Besides, you can never know too much to stop learning new things. Remember that what is new to you cannot be boring or unnecessary initially. Of course, it may be presented in a boring way and dim light, but nothing should prevent you from discovering more, especially when you have an access to the Internet and therefore to this blog.

Searching for Job and Taking the Risks

You probably know that the right time is now, and the right choice is the one you are making at the moment. Yes, it does take courage to accept these facts and take the very first step forward. But when it comes to job, remember that the ball usually comes to the player. Know what you can and understand what you want in order to build the career you dream of. Here you will some interesting tips and practical ideas that may appear very helpful when you will have to go through the mill of your job search.


Arming with Information and Experience

In our world information is getting a more and more vitally important thing. Keeping abreast of the latest news and novelties is the skill you just must have if you want to fit in. And if you can boast of some very particular experience, which has somehow helped you find your place, you can consider yourself a really lucky young person. I am going to lay my cards on the table: I tried to make this blog an informative and reliable source for everyone who is as thirsty for new things as me.

Avoiding Conflicts and Maintaining Harmonious Relationships

You are unique and you should always remember about it. But you should also know what to do when it bumps into somebody else’s uniqueness. Your communication and connections are good things. However, they dare require quite a significant part of your time. So, let us see how to manage it so smartly that you could dedicate it to those of your kind.

Well, in general it is nice that you are still here, just so you know. Thank you for your attention. Take care of yourself! And do not forget about the updates.