An avid reader since childhood, Jennifer Felton loved to read any book and all books she could get her hands on. She especially enjoyed tales with paranormal or supernatural elements. Her love of words evolved as she grew older and later in life became someone her friends turned to when they wanted a school paper read and proofed, or just needed advice on new great books to read (paranormal books, especially vampire books, are her favorites)!

After college, where she received a degree in Education, she reached out and networked with several authors and joined the ranks of editor, and now has her own author management company Black Cat Author Promotions. All her life, there was nothing that could quite touch the thrill of being able to shape some unexplored world that would land in the hands of thousands – in the shape of a book, and she’s excited for the work she gets to do not only with her own books, but those of her clients, every day!

All the books she had read throughout her life stoked her imagination, but she had never seriously tried to put down on paper the characters she had in her own head (although, she has been known for continually scribbling her ideas in one of her many notebooks). That was, until the characters began their rebellion. It seemed she no longer had a choice but to tell their tales.

Through Life and Death and Through Love and Hate are the first two releases in her One Hell of a Romance series. The first in the main trilogy, Through Good and Evil, is slated for release in early 2016!